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  • Publish my plugin to Unreal Engine 4's marketplace

    In half year ago, I made a code plugin that implements some material nodes in UE4’s editor. Then I submit it to Unreal Engine 4’s marketplace. In recent, they approved it, and I published it in the market. You can visit it in here. I have some recommendations for publishing the UE4’s plugin. Hope these are valuable to you and save the approved time. First, you must make sure you have the copyright of all assets in the plugin.

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  • Localize `plist` and `NSLocalizedString` in Unreal Engine 4

    In recent, I commited a pull request to Unreal Engine 4 in GitHub. This request helps you to localise .plist file and NSLocalizedString of your iOS project in Unreal Engine 4. Please read this manual, if you can’t visit the UnrealEngine in GitHub. Glad to see it will be incorporated into the 4.19 release. Problem You need to localise your iOS project when you want to deploy with different language.

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  • Welcome

    Hi, how are you, game coders and makers. Glad you read this blog. This blog is a professional website about the game development. I love to develop some games and share some technical skills. I had written game engine, renderer pipeline, and gameplay system. Hope my experience and posts can help your game development.