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Publish my plugin to Unreal Engine 4's marketplace

In half year ago, I made a code plugin that implements some material nodes in UE4’s editor. Then I submit it to Unreal Engine 4’s marketplace. In recent, they approved it, and I published it in the market. You can visit it in here.

I have some recommendations for publishing the UE4’s plugin.

Hope these are valuable to you and save the approved time.

First, you must make sure you have the copyright of all assets in the plugin.

Second, you need to declare the supported platform whitelist in the .uproject. file and make sure the supported platform is identical to the submitted table.

Third, please place your plugin in the engine’s plugins/marketplace folder when you test it. You know any plugin will be downloaded in the [UE4FOLDER]/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace by Epic Games Launcher and the folder’s path is same in each engine version. If the folder does not exist, you can create it.

Fourth, the marketplace just allows uploading three versions that support three engine versions (include the latest version). So I released more versions in

Fifth, the title of the plugin may be required to change as they received a copyright claim against your plugin’s title. The copyright claim is not often, but I had met. For my plugin, the old title is Amplify Shader, the new title is Shader Atlas. I am still changing the title in the manual about it for now.

Have a nice day.